Friday, May 21, 2010

Latino Families in the Southeast

Okay so this post does not quite follow Dr. Phillips first post in terms of content, but hey this is a great place to let each other know about what we are up to and ways we can collaborate and better the lives of families in our region!

So I thought I would share about some of the projects that our team here in NC are doing to work with Latino families. We have developed lots of resources to better serve Latino families check out our website: Besides all the publications, videos, and games. We have worked on a dropout prevention curriculum called Juntos that works with entire families to help families believe that college is actually a possibility! We use this program to set up Hispanic clubs in the schools and develop a Latino parent group that meets regularly in each community.

We also have developed a domestic violence prevention program called Illuminando el Camino that helps educate Latino health providers (promatoras) and faith leaders on how to work on prevention in their communities.

We have a series of newsletters for parents that follow the childs age (prenatal to age 5 so far) called Just In Time Parenting (

Just a few of the many things we are having fun doing. We would love to hear from those of you who are interested in these types of topics!


  1. I think your team is doing important work among a population that seems to be frequently overlooked by a great many people here in the southeast. My perception is that, in our region, most people's thinking is limited to African Americans and non-Hispanic whites. As I said, this is my perception. Let me know if I'm way off-base.

  2. Andrew, I enjoyed seeing what you are up to, and I will check out the website. The Juntos program caught my interest. I know that my parents' assumption that I would get a college degree helped me muddle through. I think that your program to help people to first believe that it is a possibility could be a huge help to encourage this population toward more education. As a family law attorney I also know what a big issue domestic violence is--so kudos for that emphasis, as well.